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FAQ’s Safaris & activities

Do I need to book safaris in advance?

We recommend booking our safaris in advance to confirm spots for you and your family. You can book safaris from our webshop and if you have any questions, please contact our reception;

Do I need to bring the required equipment for the safaris?

No, you do not need to bring equipment, we provide all the equipment for you.

Can kids join the safaris?

Of course. Some safaris are more suitable for children than others, so we recommend contacting us about the suitability of the safaris according to your family’s or group’s needs.

How much do the different safaris and activities cost?

You can view prices from our webshop or contact the reception of Ranua Resort (

Where can I contact for more information on the safaris and different activities?

From the reception of Ranua Resort. We are at your service daily. The easiest way to contact us is through email;

Where can I book the safaris and activities?

Directly from the reception of Ranua Resort or our web shop.

I have additional questions on the safaris, who can I contact?

The reception of Ranua Resort,

I have never driven a snowmobile. Can I still participate on the snowmobile safaris?

Yes you can. If you have a valid B – drivers license, you can participate on the snowmobile safaris. You will be instructed accordingly before the beginning of the safari.

Where is the departure point for safaris and different activities?

At the reception of Ranua Resort.