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Ranua Resort, especially the wildlife park, is the most popular family travel destination in Lapland and the attraction of Ranua’s tourism. Ranua Resort has developed by offering accommodation and program services. In winter, the park is especially popular with international tourist groups, in summer the largest group of visitors are domestic families with children.

Ranua Wildlife Park specializes in arctic animal species in the north and actively participates in conservation work. Our staff responsible for animal care are experts in these species and they are happy to answer questions about them. We have a comprehensive image bank and images are taken regularly. Pictures can be requested to illustrate stories about Ranua Resort.

Media productions, such as advertising shoots, have been carried out in the natural environment of the wildlife park. In addition to the animals, the park’s winter snow and ice structures are interesting targets for productions. In all activities, the priority is always the welfare of the animals, and they are never disturbed unnecessarily.

More information:

Chief executive officer
Johanna Koivunen
050 413 1655

Head of marketing
Heini Lumijärvi
040 616 4360

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