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FAQ ‘s Wildlife park

Is the wildlife park open in the winter?

Yes, our wildlife park is open throughout the year, daily.

What time does the wildlife park open?

The wildlife park is open daily, around the year.

Opening hours

Can I take my dog with me to the wildlife park?

You cannot take your dog inside the wildlife park. However, in the yard area of the wildlife park we have spacious kennels (2 x 3m), where you can leave your dog for the duration of your visit to the park. These are in use from April to the end of October. Please, remember to bring a drinking container for your dog.

How much does an entrance ticket cost?

The price list is available here on our website.

Tickets & prices

Can I borrow a stroller for the wildlife park tour?

Yes, you can borrow a stroller for 1€.

Can I take a bus to the wildlife park?

Yes, nearby areas offer bus transportation. You can view the areas and specific bustimes from the website below.

Bus connections

Is there a kiosk in the wildlife park?

Yes, there are kiosks in the wildlife park, as well as, multiple snack areas, where you can enjoy your own snacks. Please note that the kiosks are open only during the summer season.

Is there a bathroom in the wildlife park?

Yes, there are two bathroom buildings along the route.

Is it possible to get a guide for the wildlife park?

Yes, it is possible! You can reserve a guided tour in advance by contacting

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What time does the wildlife park close?

The wildlife park is open daily, around the year.

Opening hours

Is there street lights in the wildlife park?

No, there is no lighting in the wildlife park. This is because we want to keep the environment similar to the animals natural habitat.

FAQ’s Safaris & activities

Do I need to book safaris in advance?

We recommend booking our safaris in advance to confirm spots for you and your family. You can book safaris from our reception;

Do I need to bring extra clothing with me when participating to safaris & activities?

All our safaris & activities include full winter clothing for the participants; overalls, boots, balaclavas, woollen socks, gloves and helmets (if you participate to snowmobile safari).

Do I need to bring any equipment for the safaris?

No, you do not need to bring any equipment, we provide all the equipment for you.

Can kids join the safaris?

Of course. Some safaris are more suitable for children than others, so we recommend contacting us about the suitability of the safaris according to your family’s or group’s needs.

How much do the different safaris and activities cost?

Please get in contact with our reception:

Where can I contact for more information on the safaris and different activities?

From the reception of Ranua Resort. We are at your service daily. The easiest way to contact us is through email;

Where can I book the safaris and activities?

Directly from the reception of Ranua Resort.

I have additional questions on the safaris, who can I contact?

The reception of Ranua Resort,

I have never driven a snowmobile. Can I still participate on the snowmobile safaris?

Yes you can. If you have a valid B – drivers license, you can participate on the snowmobile safaris. You will be instructed accordingly before the beginning of the safari.

Where is the departure point for safaris and different activities?

At the reception of Ranua Resort.

FAQ’s Accommodation

Do I need to book accommodation always in advance?

Yes, we recommend booking your accommodation in advance to guarantee availability.

Where can I book accommodation?

You can book your accommodation from our web shop or

Web shop

Can children stay at the glass igloos?

Yes, they can. We have two different types of igloos to offer, where the other is more suitable for couples, and the other has additional beds for families.


I would like to book accommodation for 10 people, what do I do?

Contact the reception of Ranua Resort, We will be happy to calculate an accommodation offer for your group.

Where are the igloos located?

The igloos are located on the shore of Ranuajärvi, next to the Ranuajärvi campsite, about 4.5 km from the wildlife park. The address is Leirintäalueentie 5, Ranua.

Where are the holiday villas located?

The holiday villas are directly opposite the wildlife park. The address is Rovaniementie 29, Ranua.

How are the holiday villas equipped?

The holiday villas are very well equipped; each has a sauna, drying cabinet, two bedrooms, sleeping area in the loft, fireplace, firewood, dishes and cutlery for 6, stove, oven, and microwave.

How are the igloos equipped?

Each igloo has its own sauna, washroom, kitchenette, sleeping area and dining area. Our kitchen is fully equipped and if you want, you can also prepare dinner in your own igloo!

Are there parking spaces in connection with the accommodation?

All of our accommodations have free parking and heating possibility in the winter.

Where can I find the standard information sheet?

The standard information sheet can be found in the link below.

Standard information sheet

I would like to have firewoods to the holiday villa. Where can I get those?

Please contact the reception of the holiday villas. Firewoods cost 10 €.