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COME AND EXPERIENCE 50 northern animal species


Ranua Wildlife Park specializes in arctic and northern animal species, with a history of almost 40 years. The animals’ spacious enclosures are located in the middle of the northern coniferous forest, which is also the natural environment for most of the species living in the park.

We are open every day of the year. The changing seasons bring an additional dimension to visiting the wildlife park.

Ranua Wildlife Park is home to Finland’s only polar bear and 50 other arctic and northern animal species, a total of about 150 individual animals.

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Sustainability at Ranua Resort

For us, sustainability is an important factor in all of our activities and we strive to make environmentally sustainable choices in our accommodation services, cleaning, restaurants, animal park, souvenir shop, our own offices and all our purchases.

In addition to these, important work is carried out in the wildlife park to maintain a sufficiently diverse population in terms of animal species and species protection. The goal is to maintain an appropriately sized, genetically as diverse stock as possible. In addition, we also cooperate with other animal parks in terms of information sharing and research.

Ranua Wildlife Park’s species in the EEP programs include polar bears, wolverines, wolves, otters, dholes, musk oxen, European mink, sea eagles, Pallas’s cat, and the latest, the snowy owl, which has their own program. In addition, our species in EAZA’s studbook programs include the Finnish forest reindeer, brown bear, and lynx.

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The well-being of animals is one of the central values ​​of Ranua Wildlife Park. Most of our residents were born in shelter conditions here or in other zoos, and are used to the presence of humans – still we ask all our visitors to respect the peace of the animals in their own home, and to behave in a calm manner near the enclosures.

The basic prerequisites for the well-being of the animals in the park are a sufficiently large enclosure and related facilities designed with the needs of the species in mind, as well as competent animal keepers who know the characteristics of the animal species and our own individuals. In addition, animals naturally need food and health care that is naturally suitable for them.

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FAQ ‘s Wildlife park

Is the wildlife park open in the winter?

Yes, our wildlife park is open throughout the year, daily, and it opens at 10 am.

What time does the wildlife park open?

The wildlife park is open daily, around the year and it opens at 10 am.

Opening hours

Can I take my dog with me to the wildlife park?

You cannot take your dog inside the wildlife park. However, in the yard area of the wildlife park we have spacious kennels (2 x 3m), where you can leave your dog for the duration of your visit to the park. You’ll get the lock and the key from the ticket sales. Please, remember to bring a drinking container for your dog. Kennel is in use only in the summer season.

How much does an entrance ticket cost?

The price list is available here on our website.

Tickets & prices

Can I borrow a stroller for the wildlife park tour?

Yes, you can borrow a stroller for 1€.

Can I take a bus to the wildlife park?

Yes, nearby areas offer bus transportation. You can view the areas and specific bustimes from the website below.

Bus connections

Is there a kiosk in the wildlife park?

Yes, there are kiosks in the wildlife park, as well as, multiple snack areas, where you can enjoy your own snacks. Please note that the kiosks are open only during the summer season.

Is there a bathroom in the wildlife park?

Yes, there are two bathroom buildings along the route.

Is it possible to get a guide for the wildlife park?

Yes, it is possible! You can reserve a guided tour in advance by contacting

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What time does the wildlife park close?

The wildlife park is open daily, around the year. Closing time varies between the summer season and the winter season. The opening hours can be found from our website.

Opening hours

Is there street lights in the wildlife park?

No, there is no lighting in the wildlife park. This is because we want to keep the environment similar to the animals natural habitat.

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