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Updated 17.6.2022

This service fee and additional payment terms are available at, as well as, provided in the folders in our accommodations. If needed, our reservation and cancellation conditions, as well as, the service fees and additional payment terms are available at the receptions of our accommodations: Arctic Fox Igloos and Holiday Village Gulo Gulo. The service fees and additional payment terms have been taken into use from 1.10.2020 onwards.

Price list of service fees and additional payments
Accommodation reservation 15,00 € *
Entrance ticket reservation 1,00 € *
Activity reservation 15,00 € *
Equipment reservation 1,00 € *
Package reservation 15,00 € *
* pertains to all reservations made in advance
Additional cleaning payment 200,00 €
Non-declared pet in the accommodation 100,00 €
Smoking inside the accommodation 400,00 €
Opening of the front door of the apartment outside reception opening hours 60,00 €

Service fees in our web shop

Starting October 1, 2020, we introduced a service fee at our web shop at in the product categories listed below. The amount of the service fee is indicated after the category.
– Activities 15.00 €
– Entrance tickets 1.00 €
– Equipment rental 1.00 €
– Accommodation 15.00 €

The service fee is charged in full at the time of booking in the web shop. It will be determined
according to the product category and is charged per reservation. We use the service fees collected from the web shop
for the development of online sales in the future.

Example 1
If you book entrance tickets to the wildlife park
for your party, two adults and one child, the service fee in full with a reservation is
1.00 €. The size of the party does not matter
for determining the service fee.

Example 2
If you book accommodation at Arctic Fox destinations
Igloos, Holiday Village Gulo Gulo or Ranuanjärvi
Camping, there is a service fee of 15.00€. Provided
the accommodation reservation has more than one apartment, is
the service fee in this case is also 15.00 €

Example 3
If you book an activity (activity or safari)
for your party, two adults and three children, the service fee in full
with a reservation is 15.00 €. The size of your group or the number of activities reserved does not matter for determining the service fee.

Example 4
If you book entrance tickets and accommodation and/or
the activity, for your party, the service fee  is
in total 15.00 €. The service fee amount cannot therefore exceed the defined limit of 15.00 €
per reservation.

Additional payment list

From 1 October 2020, we will introduce an additional payment price list related to abuse and damage
in our accommodations. Additional fees according to the additional payment price list will be charged to the customer when misuse
has been established. The more extensive terms and practices of the price list are recorded in the reservation and cancellation conditions of Ranuan Seudun Matkailu Oy.

Opening the door of the customer’s apartment between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. 60.00 €
Smoking inside the apartment 400.00 €
Non-declared pet in the apartment 100.00 €
Additional cleaning 200.00 €
Apartment repair costs according to the damage

If, after the stay, it is clearly noticeable that number of people staying at the accommodation exceeds
more than the number of people expected or beds have been used more than the stated number of people, Ranuan
Seudun Matkailu Oy charges according to the exceeded number of people/used beds in the accommodation according to the price list.

Please note that this pricing is applied in destinations where the accommodation price depends on the number of guests staying at the accommodation.

Example 1
The customer has reserved the apartment for two (2) people and made the payment according to this number of people.
After staying, it is noted that four (4) of the six beds in the apartment have been used. In this case, from the customer
an additional fee will be charged, assuming that four (4) people have stayed in the apartment instead of two (2) people.
The amount of the surcharge is always defined according to the valid price list. Cases are always processed
on a case-by-case basis.