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SUMMER Nightless nights


Summer is the time of bright nights and new baby animals. The animal park has arctic animal cubs almost every year, and in addition, you can admire farm animals in the domestic animal park, which is open throughout the summer.

AUTUMN The colour brilliance of autumn


Experience the multitude of colours this season, and come to the wildlife park for an autumnal trip: you can sit by the campfire and grill sausages in the sheds of the area. Exciting nature experiences are guaranteed on this autumn trip! Dholes, lynxes, foxes, and arctic foxes are already changing to their thick winter fur, and deer animals are at their best with their big horns.

WINTER Polar nights, snowy trees, and northern lights


Only a few of the wildlife park’s inhabitants hibernate. For many arctic animals, such as the polar bear, winter is the best time of the year. They are handsome in their thick winter fur and stand out in the snow during the bright hours of the day. Darkness falling early makes a visit to the wildlife park even more exciting.

SPRING Sunny spring & awakening nature


Many arctic species reproduce in the spring and are at their most lively. In March, the ground is still covered with thick snow, but our animals, from owls to polar bears already have spring in their chests. You can hear the wolves howl, lynx roar, owls hoot, and foxes bark.


Lapland’s 8 seasons

Did you know that Lapland actually has 8 seasons? Each season has its own special features and nature changes its appearance and form from colourful to white. Do you love bright summer nights, frozen lakes, a pallet of autumn colours, wonderful nature, northern lights, a sky full of millions of stars, snowy winter or peace and quiet? At Ranua, you can experience all of these, no matter what time of the year you are on the move.

At the beginning of summer, the light takes over, and the sun no longer sets. The nightless nights enchant with their brightness and you can enjoy nature and be outside all night long. A boat trip on a calm lake, a hike in the nature or a nighttime swim trip feel completely different when done at night.

On the other hand, the luxury of the end of summer is served by the orange cloudberry swamps, calm weather and wonderful sunsets. The shades of summer green fade little by little, and the orange of the cloudberry jams spread to the leaves of the trees when the autumn season arrives.

September’s colourful autumn season is the most wonderful play of colours that everyone should experience. The trees glow yellow, orange, and red and the landscape changes its shape again before the arrival of winter.

The first snow often falls in Lapland already in late autumn, although the snow sets later. The temperatures are still moderate, so you can enjoy the sunshine and small frosts. The northern lights begin to appear in the sky. We think everyone should see the northern lights at least once in their life! Thanks to our location, Ranua offers the best setting for this. Northern lights typically glow in shades of green, but there are also purple ones.

December brings polar nights and more northern lights. Arctic light colour the sky for a little time when it is not dark. When the permanent snow comes, you can enjoy winter activities; skiing, snowmobiling, husky safaris, reindeer rides or even snowshoeing. Christmas time in Lapland is full of atmosphere and, according to many, the best time. Christmas carols, Santa Claus with his elves and reindeer is an experience for the whole family.

In January-February, the frost hits and the winter landscapes reach their full glory. Snow-covered trees and a clear sky make the landscape magically beautiful.

Spring pampers the outdoorsman, when the sun shines and the spring breezes enable various winter activities.

In May, nature wakes up from winter and the ice and snow begin to melt quickly. Little by little, the trees and bushes start to turn green, the days get longer and the birds are once again chirping.