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Ranua Resort is now an experiential ensemble

During our almost 40 years of operation, we have vastly grown from where we started and today we are much more than a wildlife park alone; we have wonderful glass igloos on the shore of Ranuanjärvi lake, gorgeous holiday villas in the holiday village opposite the wildlife park, two camping areas, a serving restaurant and numerous different activities throughout the year. Ranua Zoo was founded in 1983, and over the decades it has become the most popular family tourist destination in Lapland and the point of attraction in Ranua’s tourism. In 2023, we will celebrate our 40th anniversary.

We wanted to clarify our service package and gathered everything under the same umbrella brand. Ranua Resort was born from that. We want to offer our visitors luxury in the middle of everyday life. However, we are the same Ranua Wildlife Park as we have been until now – just with a more suitable name. In connection with the name change, our logo also got an update, where the old familiar bear’s head got a more modern look. The bear will be our emblem in the future as well.

Ranua Resort is cordial, experiential and responsible, and at the centre of everything we do is the customer, You.

You are warmly welcome to Ranua Resort as our guest!

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SUSTAINABILITY We care about our environment


For us, sustainability is an important factor in all of our activities and we strive to consider environmentally sustainable options in our accommodation services, cleaning, restaurants, wildlife park, souvenir shop, our own offices and all of our purchases.

We also want to encourage our customers to make sustainable choices, e.g. by enabling the sorting of waste in our area and by using durable containers instead of disposable containers.


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OPEN JOBS Working at Ranua Resort


Ranua Resort offers versatile working opportunities near good transport connections. We need workers for various tasks in both the summer and winter seasons, for example at the wildlife park, restaurant and as safari guides. We announce open jobs on our website, social media channels and TE services’ open jobs. If you want to join us, you can send an open application to at any time.

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Wild arctic restaurant is closed next week due to the renovation work

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