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Ranua Zoo is now the experiential Ranua Resort

The idea of ​​establishing Ranua Zoo, i.e. Ranua Wildlife Park, was born in 1979 during a car trip. The purpose of establishing the wildlife park was to get the development of the municipality of Ranua back on the rise through tourism. The actual construction work started in 1982 and “the whole village of Ranua” was involved in the construction process.

The wildlife park was completed in record time and the grand opening was celebrated on June 17, 1983. Ranua Wildlife Park has established its place among both domestic and foreign tourists.

The wildlife park will be 40 years old this year and we will celebrate the milestone with monthly changing themes and events.

We are now much more than a wildlife park; we have wonderful igloos on the shore of Lake Ranuanjärvi, beautiful holiday villas in the holiday village opposite the wildlife park, two campsites, a serving restaurant and numerous different activities throughout the year. Thus, we wanted to gather all our services under the same umbrella brand, and that’s how Ranua Resort became. In connection with the name change, our logo also got an update, the old familiar bear’s head got a more modern look. The bear will continue to be our emblem.

Our operations will continue to include the same elements as before, respecting our origins; to be an arctic wildlife park and offer memorable experiences to our guests.

Ranua Resort is cordial, experiential and responsible, and at the centre of everything we do is the customer, You.

You are warmly welcome to Ranua!