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Disruptive behaviour by customers

The winter tourism season of 2023–2024 has kicked off with full speed in Ranua Resort as well. Hundreds of international tourists visit Ranua Wildlife Park daily. Unfortunately, an increasing phenomenon has been observed, involving disruptive behaviour by customers, and customers deviating from designated customer paths and disturbing the animals in the wildlife park.

The animals have large, natural enclosures, allowing them to hide from the view of the public. However, this, in turn, diminishes the customers’ opportunity to see the animals if they have the need to hide from the public. Departing from the customer paths also compromises customer safety and disturbs our animals.

Customer paths are clearly marked in our park. To ensure a pleasant visit for our customers and safeguard the well-being of the animals, we appeal to the public to behave calmly, respecting the animals and their peace. Any kind of disruptive behaviour and vandalism is strictly prohibited.

If disruptive behaviour is observed, the staff has the right to remove poorly behaving customers from the premises. Cases of vandalism and disturbances will be reported to the police.


More information
CEO Johanna Koivunen, +358 50 413 1655
Zoological director Heini Niinimäki +358 40 644 9031