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ROOM DIRECTORY Accommodating at our glass igloos


Our room directory contains all important information about our accommodation.

Arctic Igloos is located on the quiet shore of Ranuanjärvi, far from the lights, in the silence of nature. The igloos are placed on the shore of the lake so that each igloo has a view of the lake. The heating of the glass panels prevents fogging of the glass and the accumulation of snow, so the view stays open and unhindered all year round. Our igloo village has a total of 20 modern igloos with glass roofs.

Spend an unforgettable night at our glass igloos!

Our entire staff welcomes you warmly and we hope you have a wonderful stay!

Address: Ranua Resort Arctic igloos and *name of igloo*
Leirintäalueentie 5, 97700 Ranua

Wi-Fi: Wildlifepark
free, no password required

Important information

Check-in and check-out

From 2 pm

By 11 am

Please return your apartment key to the reception upon check-out. Outside reception opening hours, please return the key to the box next to reception.


Reception is open daily from 9 am – 6 pm.

Reception emergency number (24/7): +358 16 469 2055 

View all contact information


June-August and November-March the breakfast is served in the Igloo restaurant (reception building). Please check the timetable from the reception.


Wild Arctic Restaurant

Emergency number: 112

Other important phone numbers:

Poison information centre: +359 9 471 977

Emergency room (Lapland Central Hospital): +358 16 322 4800

Taxi service: +358 16 355 1105

Reception emergency number (24/7): +358 164692055

Valmiit paketit

Locking the door


Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to lock the door, so we made simple instructions to help with this one.

Please note that the door doesn’t lock with a key. Do remember to take the key with you when going outside!

We kindly remind you to keep the door closed, so the heating systems works properly and also to keep the electricity consumption reasonable.





See instructions

Using the sauna


Be very careful in the sauna, because the heater is very hot.

Do not dry anything in the sauna due to the risk of fire!

Instructions to heat the sauna:

  1. Turn on the sauna by pressing the I/O button on the wall switch. If you wish, you can select a suitable temperature from the switch.
  2. Wait 30 to 40 minutes, so that the sauna has time to heat up.
  3. Use a seat cover in the sauna. You can find the seat covers in the bathroom sink cabinet.
  4. Wash yourself before going into the sauna.
  5. Relax in the heat of the sauna.
  6. The sauna heater is turned off from the wall switch by pressing the I/O button.
  7. The sauna switches off automatically after four hours. Please, do not keep the sauna on if not being used.
Have a relaxing time in the sauna!

During your stay


Smoking is not allowed in our accommodation. If you smoke inside our accommodation, we will charge an additional 400 € fee for cleaning. The accommodation are equipped with automatic fire and smoke alarms.


Pets are allowed in some of the accommodation. Please confirm availability when booking. Due to allergy reasons, pets cannot be accepted in all of our accommodation. If there has been a pet in the accommodation, which has not been reported to our reception, we charge an additional fee of 100 € for cleaning.


In all of our facilities, i.e. the restaurants, bar, reception and apartments, all alcoholic beverages are licensed. We also deliver drinks to the apartments upon pre-order.

Apartment temperature control

The temperature of the igloos is adjusted automatically. If the temperature does not seem suitable, contact our reception.

Igloo glass panels

The temperature of the glass surfaces of the igloos can be adjusted with a switch. The switch is on the wall to the right of the dining table. Please note that by pressing the switch once, the temperature of the glass surfaces will rise for one hour. The switch is the so-called pop-up switch, i.e. it doesn’t stay on the bottom. If the glass surfaces are still snowy/icy after an hour, press the switch again, and the scrub and the snow will melt from the glass surfaces. Please note that the glass heating and the sauna cannot be on at the same time.

Snow work in the winter

We start snow work in the morning around 7 am. This may cause some noise. We apologize for the possible disruption caused by the snow work!


If you need cleaning during your stay, you can request it from our reception the day before either by calling +358 16 469 2050 or visiting the reception.

Do you need more towels or toilet paper?

Please contact reception at +358 16 469 2050

Waste sorting

The apartment has its own waste bins for different types of waste. One container is intended for bottles and cans, and the other for mixed waste. The area also has large waste bins for mixed and bio waste near the reception building.

Ranua Wildlife Park

Open daily from 10 am – 6 pm in the summer season, and from 10 am to 4 pm in the winter season.

Ranua Wildlife Park is a wonderful opportunity to see arctic animals in their authentic habitat.

When you buy a ticket to Ranua Wildlife Park, the ticket is valid for the duration of your stay. So you can visit the wildlife park as many times as you want!

Tickets can be bought in the online store, at receptions and at the wildlife park ticket office.

Get to know the wildlife park

Safaris and activities

Ranua Resort organizes various safaris and activities throughout the year. The range of services includes short activities in nearby areas as well as longer, all-day safaris. We also organize customized tours.

Ask more about safaris and other activities from the the safari house or our reception!

Safaris and activities