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Three wolverine kits were born

In February, the female wolverine Khurma retreated to hide in her den. After a few weeks of being closely hidden to the nest, Khurma started to go outside more and spent a lot of time hiding food, but still spent a lot of time in the nest. One night in April, Khurma brought three little wolverines to explore the world outside the den. In the health check it was found that Khurma had given birth to two sweet and spicy girl kits and one boy who is clearly bigger than her sisters.

The little wolverines are well fed and lively, and they are now about 2,5 months old. They still spend a large part of the time in the nest, but occasionally go outside under the mother’s supervision. As spring progresses, their movement quickly becomes more confident, and they begin to spend more time in the outdoor enclosure. The kits’ father, Julle, is in his own enclosure, and takes the role of father quite calmly.

Eagerly awaited offspring

“The birth of wolverine kits is a great joy and success for us, because breeding wolverines under human care is often challenging. Our wolverines belong to the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums, or EAZA’s species protection program (EEP program). The main goal of the program is to maintain a suitable size and genetically diverse and viable population in the long term. Our couple’s kits have been eagerly awaited, because they are genetically particularly valuable – and above all, watching the growth of the wolverine kits is rewarding for both the mother wolverine, us employees, and our visitors,” says Heini Niinimäki, superintendent of the Ranua Wildlife Park.

This spring and summer you should definitely come and get to know our kits. Take time to stop by the wolverine enclosure, and have patience to observe the animals’ lives in peace. In this case, you have the best chance to see the kits frolicking!

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Zoological director, veterinarian
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