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The mallard breeds all over Finland. Mallards live close to waterways of various sizes, avoiding barren waters. They feed on green vegetation, seeds, insects, worms, and water microbes. Mallards may nest far from the water, mallards have even been found nesting in city centres.


The mallard is a game bird. The annual quarry is about 250 000 individuals.


Mallards breeding in Finland migrate to Central and South Europe for winter grounds. Some of the individuals remain close to the unfrozen city waters to be fed by humans.


Anas platyrhynchos

Class: Aves – Birds

Order: Anseriformes – Ducks

Family: Anatidae – Mallards, Geese And Swans

Size: Weight: 1kg, wingspan: 80-100cm.

Breeding: The female lays 7-11 in April-May, incubation period: 24-27 days and nights. Young ones reach sexual maturity in 1 year.

Lifespan: According to ringing data, the oldest Mallard has lived to 29 years of age.

Did you know…

Did you know, that the mallard is the original form of a wild duck?