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Eurasian harvest mouse


The Eurasian harvest mouse is the smallest rodent found in European nature that belongs to the mouse genus. The Eurasian harvest mice are skilled climbers and use their tails to conveniently balance on, for example, the tops of tall trees. They are most likely to be found in a meadow or field, where they build a spherical nest well above the surface of the ground, to protect themselves from small predators. They eat seeds, insects, various plant parts, and berries.


The Eurasian harvest mouse is a protected species in Finland. The population of the whole species is now considered to be viable, and is found in large areas in Europe and Asia, but in many areas the local situation of the population of the mice is significantly worse.


During the winter, the mice use passages or tunnels under the snow for protection, often dug by larger rodents. They also look for food under the snow. Due to the harsh conditions of the Finnish winter, a large portion of the mice die during winter, which is why, the mice do not thrive in the northernmost parts of Finland.

Eurasian harvest mouse

Micromys minutus

Class: Mammalia – Mammals

Order: Rodentia – Rodents

Family: Muridae – Rats

Size: Body length about 5 – 7 cm, tail about the same length. Weight 4 – 10 g.

Breeding: Breeding season from spring to autumn, pregnancy lasts about 3 weeks and has up to 10 pups at a time. The female usually gives birth to several pups each year. Mice are sexually mature at around 6 weeks of age.

Did you know…

Did you know, that the Eurasian harvest mouse is a protected species in Finland?