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Bean goose


The bean goose breeds in the northern and central parts of Finland. Bean geese prefer wetlands and swamps as their habitat. They feed on aquatic plants, and also crops and clover on the fields. The bean goose is a very timid bird, staying well out of sight especially during nesting season. When migrating, the bean geese move in flocks.


The bean goose is the most common goose species in Finland, and is a game bird. The annual quarry is 5 000-11 000 individuals.


Been geese migrate to South Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands for their winter grounds by open waters.

Bean goose

Anser fabalis

Class: Aves – Birds

Order: Anseriformes – Ducks

Family: Anatidae – Mallards, Geese And Swans

Size: Weight: 3-3,5kg, wingspan: 140-175cm.

Breeding: The female lays 4-6 eggs in May, incubation period: 27-29 days and nights. Independent its first winter, sexual maturity reached in 3 years.

Lifespan: According to ringing data, the oldest bean goose has lived to 18 years of age. The oldest bean goose of Ranua Wildlife Park lived almost to the age of 25 years.

Did you know…

Did you know, that it is said that the increase in the whooper goose species is causing the decrease in the bean goose species? However, there is no research on this available.