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Ranua Wildlife Park 40 years

The idea of ​​establishing Ranua Zoo, i.e. Ranua Wildlife Park, was born in 1979 during a car trip. The purpose of establishing the wildlife park was to get the development of the municipality of Ranua back on the rise through tourism. The actual construction work started in 1982 and “the whole village of Ranua” was involved in the construction process.

The wildlife park was completed in record time and the grand opening was celebrated on June 17, 1983.

Ranua Wildlife Park has established its place among both domestic and foreign tourists.

The wildlife park will be 40 years old this year and we will celebrate this great milestone with monthly changing themes and events. We will collect all the information on this page and will update the page regurlarly.

Welcome to celebrate the anniversary with us!


Events on 2023


Launch of the anniversary


25.2.  Polar bear day

11.00  feeding show

14.00  polar bear lecture

quiz in social media



18.3. Night of the owls

18.00 Guided owl tour at the wildlife park

21.00 Karaoke at the Wild Arctic Restaurant


Easter event

Birdhouse workshop


Polar Bear Day 25.2.


Come and join us to celebrate the Polar Bears on Saturday the 25th of February.

Feeding show starts at 11.00  at the Wildlife park  and the zookeepers will share information about the life of the polar bears.

Polar bear lectures takes place at Monitoimikeskus Kerkkä starting from 14.00. First our zookeepers will share the story about the polar bears in Ranua and then the professional explorer and photographer  Patrick “Pata” Degerman tells about the polar bears and climate change. This event is free of charge.

Pata Degerman is the only professional Finnish explorer. He has completed 47 expeditions throughout the Arctic circle, the wild jungles of the Amazonas, Borneo and Costa Rica, and five deserted islands in the Pacific. In addition he has summited over 200 mountains.

Welcome to celebrate the polar bears with us!


  • Wildlife park, Rovaniementie 29, Ranua
  • Monitoimikeskus Kerkkä, Aapiskuja 6D, Ranua




13.5. Bug lecture

17.5. Otter day


17.6.  Wild fest – music festival

12.00 programme for children

18.00 programme for adults (over 18 yrs)


Feeding shows

Birthday of Jonne the Polarbear mascot


26.8. End of the summer at the Arctic Igloos – village

Sleep Outdoors at the wildlife park or camping area


Get to know the deer family

Handicraft workshop


27.10. Teddybear day

Family day at the wildlife park



4.11. Celebrating the Christmas season



The most beautiful Christmas carols, elves & Santa Claus

Ranua Wild Fest 17.6.


On our actual 40 years birthday on the 17th of June, we will celebrate the whole day on the Wild Fest -summer festival.

During the day there is programme for children as well as activities and the wildlife park is open. In the evening the musc festival for adults starts. The artists will be announced shortly.

Programme for the Wild Fest will be  ready in early 2023 and will be published on this page.


Anniversary badge


We chose the original Ranua Zoo logo as the anniversary badge, since we are proud of our origin and the journey we have made. With the badge it is also easy to recognise different events throughout the year easily.

Welcome to celebrate with us!

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